High Profitability Business Planning

High Profitability Business Planning7.5 Clock Hours: LIVE

This course can be customized for either agents or your management team

Want to gain a business plan in the most painless way possible? Want dozens of new strategies about how to increase your business? Need insights into why you’re stuck, and how you can break through those barriers to higher production?

It’s all here in this lively, interactive strategic business planning workshop.

The Workshop Format

Usually, this workshop is presented in two 3.75 hour sessions, so attendees have time to complete most of their business plans, and check it with their business coach and instructor, Carla Cross.  In the first workshop, Carla explains her planning process (published internationally). As we explore the steps of the planning process, we start writing our plans. In the second session, we review our plan drafts, get additional action plan ideas and strategies, and polish our plans.

By the end of the second session, you’ll have the major parts of your plan completed—and you’ll have confidence in them, because Carla has helped you define and refine your plan.

Business Planning Materials: This course outline is 30+ pages. The additional handout includes the professionally published planning pages from Carla’s internationally published resource, The Business Planning System for the Real Estate Professional (or the coordinating manager’s versions of the planning pages). You’ll have every planning page you need to create a plan quickly.

Even after 15 years in the business, your class was not only motivational to me but contained valid information and ideas presented in a way that I feel I will use and will make a difference for me. Thank you!

Vicki Dalisky, Windermere Real Estate, Kent, Wa.

The handouts and planning worksheets were very valuable to me. I feel the course is essential and should be a must for any serious agent.

Tom Reid, Seattle, Wa.

I want you to know about the positive actions I am seeing from our agents. We are using the format to strategize in our meetings. Thanks for the terrific business planning presentation!

Jan Johnson, Owner, Auburn, Wa.

Loved the class. The greatest realization came when we had to look back at where specifically my business was coming from. All this translates to doing in the future what has clearly worked in the past. Thank you for the insights!

Gail Gores, Olympia, WA.

Bring this workshop to your organization. Carla Cross will work with your management team to bring a customized workshop to your agents—or to your  management team. Why not get that business plan written now and enjoy profitability for the next 12 months?

Contact Carla for more information on customization and scheduling.