Beyond the Basics: Advanced Skills to Make that Course Come Alive

 7.5 Clock Hours: Live

Next course: Fall, 2021

 advanced skills coverChange that Talking-Head (read ‘Boring’) Class into an Exciting, Audience-Participating Learning Experience

Is the class you’re teaching (or supposed to teach) full of facts and figures? And, there’s no instructor manual or guidance in how to teach it? Are you finding yourself talking through it—talking for hours? (Even boring yourself…)Are you less-than-confident because your Train the Trainer course didn’t prepare you to teach a class like this? Is your audience falling asleep, or, worse yet, getting restless and causing you grief? It doesn’t have to be that way.

This course is a MUST for those teaching technical subjects (title reps, mortgage reps, attorneys, inspectors, etc.)

Unique: You’ll bring a 1-3 hour module of the course you teach or want to teach to our class. With the new half-day formats, you’ll be able to work on and polish your course between sessions.

During our time together, you’ll learn:

  • How to pinpoint the skills your audience needs to succeed—so your topic becomes practical and important to them
  • How to take those intellectual learning objectives the state requires and make them the true guides for how you teach the course so you’ll always stay on time and keep your focus
  • How to use the 3 best teaching methods for real estate learners in the course you teach so you’ll keep them awake, excited, and eager to work with you (and give them practical skills to use in the real world right away—they’ll love that!)
  • 7creative teaching techniques that are super-easy to learn and use will and keep the audience’s attention while building respect for you and your knowledge
  • How to use Carla’s workshop model to create an effective, easy-to-teach workshop in your subject (and you’ll do it in class!)
  • High confidence with the skills and knowledge to take that word-dense ‘course’ and make it a real teaching tool

Pre-requisites: You must have completed Carla’s Instructor Development Workshop (live) or her Train the Trainer course (online). Why? Because you need to have the basic concepts and skills before you take this course. Haven’t taken one of these courses? Questions about the pre-requisites? Call Carla to discuss.

Bottom line: You’ll walk out of this unique course with the skills to take any boring class and make it highly participative, useful, and fun to teach. You’ll get the 3 best methods to use, how to use them, and when to use them to ‘plug them into’ any course at the right time. Why not energize your course, have a better time teaching, and gain business all at the same time?

Businesses: Do you have instructors that need more effective methods to teach than ‘talk through the outline’? Invite Carla to help your instructors teach more effectively. Carla will customize this course for your specific subjects. Call her (425-392-6914) or email her ( to discuss how this can benefit you.

Resource for you: Click here for answers to your questions on how to become an instructor, and how to get a course approved.