Knock Their Socks Off: Tips to Make Your Best Presentation Ever


Tips to Make Your Presentation the Best Ever

102 page ebook and 2 audio CDs (now all digital–nothing is shopped)

Price:  $69.95

Ever wondered how those keynoters do it? They hold their audience spellbound, they inspire, they entertain—and they motivate to action. You can, too. In this resource, you’ll get the polish and confidence you need to present anything anywhere—to anyone.

Need to make a presentation for 2 or thousands? Here are the tips the greatest pros in the world use to hold their audience’s attention, capture, and captivate. Whether you’re a seasoned presenter, or just thinking of doing your first presentation, you’ll grab dozens of speaking strategies.

Who will benefit from this resource:

Managers who must lead sales meetings

Loan officers and other affiliates who need to do short sales presentations

Sales agents presenting buyer and seller seminars

Trainers who want to polish their presentations

Anyone who needs to be persuasive and effective in front of 2—or 200

In this 102-page eBook, and 2 audio CDs (now digital), you’ll get:

A simple, effective three-step presentation builder to build your persuasive presentation quickly and effectively

Five tips to absolutely banish nervousness

Ten methods to stay on time

The seven critical presentation skills to master

Four ‘grab ‘em openings to get them in the palm of your hand–fast

Five ways to put humor in your presentation

A 24-item speaker’s checklist so you’re always prepared—no surprises!

Reach out, hold, entertain, and inspire your audiences—and thoroughly enjoy the experience!

What’s Inside this Resource

First, the Big Picture: What’s Your Goal

Before you learn how to build a persuasive presentation, let’s think about your goal. This causes you to get focused, so you can design your presentation effectively.  In this section, we also look at adult learning patterns and barriers, so we can build our presentation to work with adults best.

Second: How to Build Your Presentation

In section two, we dive right into building a great persuasive presentation. I share with you the very simple method to construct a presentation that I promise will work for you every time. We go into the finer points, too, of building the presentation: How to choose your stories, your analogies, and your humor.

Third: Gain Presentation Skills

You’ve got that presentation built. Now, let’s put the magic of YOU into it, so you can make it shine and live large. We’ll look at the various presentation skills: your voice, your gestures, your habits, your skills—and help you build effective presentation strategies, along with unassailable confidence, too.

Fourth: How to Create Effective Visuals and Handouts

In this section, we’ll extend your expertise even further, by helping you with pointers on effective PowerPoint slides, handouts, and other means of holding the audience’s attention. These skills will greatly enhance your audience appeal, and help you, too, as a presenter.

Fifth: Summary, with Speaker’s Checklists and Tips

I want to help you adopt and adapt these skills quickly and easily. So, I’ve made some speaker’s checklists and tips to review our major points, and to help you carry out these principles in the field.

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