Train the Trainer (Distance)

15 Clock Hours: 

Distance Learning

A ‘Train the Trainer’ Course—on Steroids!

Fulfills the Washington Department of Licensing  Requirement to Become a Clock-Hour Approved Instructor

This is a distance learning (online) course. Register and start the course instantly. Course software makes the course easy and fun to complete. All documents, audios and videos are immediately available. 

Individuals: Go at your own speed in the comfort of your own home. (Have a group? See my hybrid version below).

Discounts when You Register 2+ People at Once

Register 2-5 and receive a 10% discount

Register 6-10 and receive a 20% discount

Register 11+ and receive a 30% discount

Note: My ‘live’ version, Instructor Development Workshop, will be held again starting in the third quarter of 2021.


Have 5 or more People You Want Certified Together? Get More From the Program and Create Teamwork

For Companies or Associations: The Hybrid Version of Train the Trainer

The hybrid version of Train the Trainer combines this distance learning course with Carla’s live on-line coaching 4 times for 45 minutes, once a week, during the scheduled 2 to 4-week time frame (you decide on the time frame).  This is great if you want to train your associates and have them working together on these skills. Contact Carla to learn more and schedule: 425-392-6914 or 

See all the information here.

The Train the Trainer course was phenomenal. I thought it would be just another course that did not have substance. The course taught me new ways and approaches to training.  Paul Rogers, Certified NACHI Inspector (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors)

I’m so glad I took this course. I was skeptical at first but so glad I took this step and learned the vital information to being an effective trainer, educator, and facilitator. Thank you!   Arthur Buhrer

Registering: It is a 2-step process. First, you’ll create an account in the software. Then, you can register for the specific program you want.


This course is approved by Washington DOL as fulfilling the requirement for you to become a clock-hour approved instructor (just as Carla’s  ‘live’ Instructor Development course does–same course material).

Train the Trainer is a must for anyone planning to provide education to adult learners, by far one of the best and productive online courses I have taken. Derek J Doke, CCIM | Managing Broker & Senior Asset Manager

Are you teaching fact-heavy courses? This course is great for those teaching high-density, fact-based, or technical courses (title reps, escrow people, mortgage reps, attorneys, accountants, etc.). Why? Because Carla will teach you unique methods to quit relying on that boring lecture (admit it, it’s boring!) and turn your course and your presentation methods into high-participation, high-attention, even fun learning experiences. (And they’ll learn much more!).

Here’s what Elizabeth Fiattarone, J. D., LLM. Taxation, a tax preparer who does much work with real estate professionals says about the course:

I did not expect to learn as much as I did in this course and the content and questions really made me think about teaching in a way that I had not thought about it before.  I am sure that I will be a much more effective teacher in the future and I took away a lot of useful tools to play with going forward.

Note: You have 6 months from your date of purchase to finish the course. After that, renewal rates apply.

I took more out of your class than I ever have in my 17+ years of continuing education classes.
Jim Leonard, broker, Mt. Vernon, WA.

Watch a Sneak Preview with the new course software here.

I thought I knew how to ‘teach’ a class before. This course really helped me to understand that ‘teaching’ means so much more than lecture.

Thank you, Carla!                                     

Sandra Johnson, North Homes Realty, Everett, WA.

How to complete this course: You’ll complete the course online. The course will take you approximately 15 hours to complete. You’ll keep the time you spend in your monitor sheet. 

After you’ve completed the course: You will receive a completion certificate. In the course, Carla tells you how to apply to the Department of Licensing to get your certification–and tips to make it seamless.

Carla Cross of Cross Institute has a wonderful formula for teaching the Train the Trainer course. The material is in a easy to follow format that builds from basics to big picture, and models how to teach your own courses as you go along. I highly recommend it!  Terry K. Phelan, Living Shelter Architects

The course is outstanding. I put into practice the information you used to train me in an insurance CE class this last week. It went fantastic. I used a combination of lecture/town hall/taskforce/ and many case studies. The class was engaged and active, and the results were measurable. Without your insight and instruction, this would not have been the outcome. Bret Bloodgood 

Included in this Course

You’ll learn the best, and newest tips in presentations. You’ll put the concepts and skills right to work, so you know they’re practical and useful for you, with Carla as your coach. You’ll get:

  • The 5 best methods to banish ‘stage fright’
  • How to organize your presentation so it always goes like you want it to
  • How to keep attendees interested, excited, and motivated to learn by using innovative teaching methods
  • How to ‘control’ your audience so you’ll never have ‘chatty Cathys’ or ‘Gorilla Georges’ trying to take over your classroom
  • How to organize your skill-building course in a logical fashion
  • The 6 best presentation tips so you present like a pro
  • The good, bad, and ugly about audio/visual aids and how to use them right

You’ll also get 11 ready-to-use forms to create your training and a whole training school:

  • Your Action Plan
  • Worksheet: Creating a Persuasive Presentation
  • Diagrams: How to Prepare the Room for Optimum Learning
  • Reflection Time: The Questions to Ask to Assure they Learned
  • An Effective Model for a Skill-Building Workshop
  • Worksheet: Creating a Training Workshop
  • Presentation Survey Form
  • Presenter Evaluation
  • Sample Attendance Record
  • How to Submit a Course to Departments of Licensing
  • How to Become an Approved Instructor

This course really helped me get over some resistances I’ve developed over the years. Very good course. Your warm up was indeed warm and your delivery of the material kept me in a positive ‘can do’ attitude throughout.                                    Nancy Moore, Thurston Co. Title Company

You’ll get 7 examples of training tools, including

  • Detailed outlines of Training Workshops, as models and examples for you to follow
  • Samples of a skill-building workshop: Both student and facilitator guides (5 pages of detailed facilitator and student guides)– so you can see how successful courses are created
  • Curriculum of a skill-building training program–so you can tell what needs to be in a skill-building program (and what to leave out!)
  • Sample curriculum of a ‘technical’ series training program
  • Example of a skill-building Evaluator–the very best tool to increase someone’s skill in a dramatically short time
  • Reflection Time questions–how to assure your students learn at a deeper level
  • Example of a New Agent Training Calendar

Written by National Realtor Educator of the Year, Washington Realtor Educator of the Year and former master CRB instructor Carla Cross,  this course material has been chosen as ‘best of its’ kind, and recommended by the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers.

This course was masterfully composed, and made for a deeply rewarding experience. Jimmy Gilletti, trainer and agent for John L. Scott

Your investment: $249 plus shipping

See Frequently Asked Questions for information on instructor approval and course approval.

See How to Write a Course and Get it Approved for answers to common questions.

More information about how to get a course approved–and more.  Click here.

This course taught me what I needed to know to be an effective and worthwhile teaching resource for students. Linda Wilczak, branch manager, Century 21 North Homes, Inc.

Education is very big in my area and I needed to get up and Running quickly to make an impact with my business. This class made it easy for me to do the assignments at my convenience and pace without having to commute. I am excited to put the skills I learned into effect!  Kelly Quinn, Fidelity Title Insurance

Thanks! I’ve been teaching for years, and Train the Trainer helped me to break down the different aspects of teaching to find where I could improve. Katrina Hamilton, Director of Operations, Re/Max on the Lake, Seattle, Wa.

I am not an online course learner typically, but Carla’s course was engaging and so informative that I was able to complete the course with ease. So much great information. Wish I was closer so I could go to a live presentation of the course! Brenda Hunter, Jacksonville Real Estate Academy

After 35 years teaching in the high tech world I thought I knew everything about teaching adults. The Train the Trainer course showed me there was still plenty to learn. Bill Robson, author, Elevated Threat

I really enjoyed the organization of the information and the templates for creating workshops on my own.  I learned a great deal about different learning styles and ways to enhance retention.  I think the resources in the back will be invaluable when preparing to write and submit a course for approval. Albie Moshcatel, Manager, John L. Scott, Renton, Wa.

Carla is a dynamic instructor and trainer, and has the years of experience and expertise to back up her class. Her performance background is so valuable too, because she knows the importance of engaging the audience. Great course! Sunny Lake, Bellingham, Wa. 

I thoroughly enjoyed moving through the information and having to think as I did so. The information not only will be a great asset in real estate education, but in my role as a substitute teacher in K-12!Thanks! Don Musgrave, Windermere Real Estate, Gig Harbor

This is a well written program that I enjoyed taking.  This training just completed will be timely for me in our development of learning objectives, and module “methods of delivery” and will add value to our program development at consortium and its work. John Thomas, Executive Director, Washington Onsite Sewage Association

I want to thank you for the excellent seminar.  I have been a trainer for a large portion of my business career and it is somewhat disconcerting when I find out that I could have been more effective if I had known the principles and guidelines presented in this home based seminar.  The seminar provided information that I will refer to throughout the balance of my career. I enjoyed, not only the information, but also the well thought out process as well.   Sincerely, Steve Dick National City Mortgage

Hello Carla! First, I learned a bunch from your course! I really appreciated your dedication and thoroughness in putting it together. As I said in my testimonial, I have been effectively persuading groups from stage for a long time and I came away from this class with strategies I am really excited to implement as I only want to be better with each and every presentation… you’ve convinced an old dog that some new tricks are in order!      Tom Griffith, CEO, Making Better Happen

I would 100% recommend this course to anyone who wants to teach real estate courses. It is a perfect blend of knowledge and practice for the real thing!    Megan Kubitz, Keller Williams Realty, Vancouver, WA.

Registration is a 2-step process. First, you’ll create an account in the software. then, you can purchase the specific course you want.