How to Write Your Course With Substance, Sizzle, and ‘Sell’ (15 clock hours)

Learn How to Write a Course and Make $$$$$

15 Clock Hours


Prerequisite: You must have taken an Instructor Development course. (if you need to satisfy this prerequisite, Train the Trainer is my online course that qualifies).

A’yes you can’ type of instructional course with plenty of beneficial information and substance! Mike Kerwin, Keller Williams Realty Everett, WA.

If you’ve ever tried to write a course outline, you know it’s not as easy as it looks. In fact, most course outlines are either ‘streams of consciousness’ or pamphlets! Unfortunately, few people have ever been trained in writing a course. Now, here’s a course that not only teaches you how to write an effective course and outline–you actually do it during the course, and get feedback. At the end of these two days, you’ll have a course ready to submit for clock hour approval–and dozens of strategies to create effective courses.

One of the best learning experiences–very enjoyable.  Roseanne Campagne, Windermere Real Estate, Kent, Wa.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to organize your course effectively (not at all as most people do it, either!)
  • How to create your course in logical sections
  • How to write your course with a guide so you can have others teach it (and make some money, too)
  • A ‘template’ to create each module of each section of your course
  • How to write your outline choosing the best model for you and that topic
  • To add color, excitement, and drama to your course with effective handouts, audio-visual aids, and props—at the appropriate times
  • How to avoid one of the most common mistakes course writers/presenters make—adding too much material (and what to do with it!)
  • The best method to market your course
  • The six building blocks to creating a course that works
  • The ten tips to getting your course approved by the Department of Licensing
  • How to polish your course like the pros

Thank you for a wonderful class on writing a course. This practice and hands on class has given me the confidence and tools I need to move forward with my course curriculum. I feel I have been given a business race car and I can move forward towards my dream of training agents across the country.  Mary Lee, former head of training for Windermere Real Estate, Spokane, Wa.

Want the information and can’t attend a ‘live’ course? Click here for the resource (no clock hours).

You’ll receive:

  • Nine planning pages to make your course writing easy
  • Ten tips for effective outlines
  • Carla’s exclusive Course Planner—the processes and planning pages you need to write each of your courses—forever

A comprehensive resource for you: 82 pages packed full of course/outline writing tips and strategies

Your course “How to Write a Course with Substance, Sizzle and ‘Sell’” is fantastic, and exactly what I needed and more, for setting up courses for the 4 subjects areas we teach. In addition to teaching how to more effectively organize the course, in a new and ingenious way, you show how to build on that organization by providing tools that have helped me structure our content toward what learners want and need. The results are course materials that communicate the elements of the course in a way that people can understand in terms of wants and needs. That’s fantastic. The resulting language, structure and wording developed through using the course materials will be able to go right into my promotions because it’s all geared toward the learners needs and wants. Carla Cross you are brilliant and I’m sure it’s because you teach what you know to be most effective, that you have discovered on your own road to success.”
Warm Regards,
Mike Lancey
Michael Lancey, MBA | EA | CHAE | Tax Credit Advisor
Mckenzie Chase Management, Inc.
PO Box 30550
Seattle, WA 98113

Your course creator, Carla Cross, has written courses for the largest franchises in the world: Re/Max Eastern Canada, Re/Max Europe, Re/Max Israel, Keller Williams Realty International,  Better Homes and Gardens, Royal LePage, Windermere Real Estate, GMAC, Realty World, and the CRB organization (Certified Real Estate Brokers). Carla’s vast experience as a writer, trainer, and coach makes her more than qualified to teach you to write an effective course. And, she promises you’ll have fun in the experience!  $249 early registration.

Resource for you: Click here for answers to your questions on how to get a course approved and how to become an approved instructor.

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